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The brand new MODULA CHROMOPLAY Collection is here!

It's been a while, dark times for everybody...

This is one of the reasons why I love working with light and colours: I hope my lamps can make a change and be mood lifting in a way.

So, finally here's a sneak peek of the new Modula Lamps!

They're one-offs lamps especially designed to play with color shades ^^

Plexiglass shades sitting on a lime wood base (30cm x 10cm x 4.5cm).

I wish to thank "Blade Runner", Dadaism, Nanda Vigo, Postmodernist aesthetic, Cloud Appreciation Society, my Fiorucci clothes, Brutalism and Construictivism, "Liquid Sky", Victorian silhouettes, Tangram, Roland synthesizers, Phantasmagorias, cemetery lights, hand shadows, No Theatre masks, "less is more" attitude and Volcanoes.

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