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Amauta Ciriachi is the founder and Creative Director of Tictoc Studio, a multi media design project living and working in Rome

Born in Rome, raised in Tuscany, she has lived in London and Sardinia.

Graduated in Modern History in Rome, (Univeristà "La Sapienza"), after a career of 17 years in

TV as Creative Producer in the Animation Industry - Walt Disney, Fox and Turner Broadcasting - she radically changed life to work on her design projects: "I’m experienced in creative direction and in working closely with amazing animators and graphic designers."


Tictoc Studio's primary motif is “Volcanology” and its main creative task is lamp design:

"I was inspired by volcanoes after years spent holidaying on the island of Stromboli."

The lava explosions in Tictoc become stylised, boldly coloured geometric abstract shapes perfect for a peculiar, playful light concept. Modularity is key in the MODULA collection, as you can customise the lamps by adding or removing layers of colours, a great way to play with chromotherapy.


Colour obsessed, light maniac and shadow expert, Amauta also produces one-off installations. Her handcrafted lamps are all one of a kind and available on commission.

If you want to commission a lamp, lighting installation or piece of artwork from Tictoc Studio, or just have a question, comment or special request for Amauta, get in touch today:

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