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Our Studio is a multi media design project based in Rome. We hand craft Modular Lamps in limited collection and on commission.

We want to create a new equilibrium between the designer and the customer's creative input, so we make fluid lamps that can be adapted to different spaces and uses in the home

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Modularity and Fluidity are key.

Customise the lamps by adding/removing layers of colours in a wood base with 3 rails where you can freely arrange the plexiglass shades. It's a great way to play with chromotherapy.

Shop our Limited Collections or place an order for something special on commission. 



Tictoc Studio creates one of a kind wall installation lamps on commission: from large statement floor lamps to multi-material installations, bespoke wall art and giant decorative shanghai sticks.


Browse our pieces and get in touch if you'd like us to make something special for you.


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